Dina’s Party on HGTV

Dina Manzo Join’s HGTV’s Fall Lineup – Premiere September 10th, 10pm/9c

Dina brings her lavish events to HGTV in a new weekly party-planning series. During each episode, Dina and the Designer Affair staff create magnificent events in their clients’ homes. From a posh baby shower, to an over-the-top fantasy wedding or a grand graduation party, Dina will transform any space into something breathtakingly beautiful and unique. With her extraordinary talents, Dina makes every occasion a perfect celebration for the important moments in a family’s life.  Tune in to  Dina’s Party on HGTV this fall season 2011. You’ll learn a little, you’ll laugh a little and surely be wowed by what you see!

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View a FULL EPISODE: ‘Spagetti Western Bon Voyage’

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A Big Pink New Jersey Wedding Event planner extraordinaire and real housewife Dina Manzo helps a New Jersey couple plan an unforgettable occasion — and fulfill the notion that it’s a nice day for a pink wedding. Click here to Crash the Party