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Designer Affair http://www.designeraffair.com event & interior design Fri, 01 Aug 2014 17:30:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.1 My Big Fat “Pink” Wedding http://www.designeraffair.com/blog-posts/my-big-fat-pink-wedding/ Tue, 10 Jul 2012 21:16:26 +0000 http://www.designeraffair.com/?p=605 Read More »]]> Weddings are magical, over-the-top and filled with lots of love.  For Stacy and Avo’s special day, all these things were present, along with just a touch of leopard, gold and lots of pink!  “The Pink Wedding” as our team referred to this affair, was one of most challenging events yet and one of the most rewarding as well.  We were so honored to create such a beautiful wedding for the very deserving Stacy and Avo.

The day of the wedding was very humid and inside the tent reached over 100 degrees.  So we want to send a special thanks to all our vendors who contributed to making this wedding Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Inside, the ceremony area was so special and it was important to incorporate all the special elements of Stacy and Avo’s culture as well as capture the magical experience of expressing one’s vows.  Kenny Sparkle, Joe and I worked as a team to create an overwhelming atmosphere with the handmade alter, whimsical oak branches lining the room and Kenny’s hand painted runner.  The runner was a great gift for the bride and groom to always remember their beautiful day.

Outside, in order to create the ambiance that captured Stacy and Avo’s personalities, we needed to create a blank slate. The team at Taylor Rental erected the 30ftx40ft tent that housed the main reception area. The area had to host 6 72″ tables, which fit 12 people each, so we made sure there was enough space for all our big plans for the party.

Luxe Event Rentals provided the ghost chairs that created the illusion of our guests sitting on air.  We also wanted to create a “honeymoon” lounge area just off the dance floor and a story of chandeliers.  Luxe Rentals had so many beautiful, colorful chandeliers and original lounge furniture peices. The grand bride and groom chairs were also a special delivery from our friends at Luxe.

Our trip to Party Rentals, Ltd was very successful.  With the wide variety of chinaware and flateware, we were able to find the perfect plates that matched the Versace china that Stacy loved.  We wanted to accent all the pink throughout the reception area with some gorgeous, hand sewn gold linens, and Cloth Connection and Table Wraps had the perfect options. To complete the look, the tables were adorned with lush flowers in various shades of pink from Kenny Sparkle and the Morningside team in Paterson.  Each table was then finished with a variation of amazing embellished crystal stands provided by our friends at International Mercantile in New Brunswick.

In order to illuminate the table centerpieces, lounge area, dance floor and the chandeliers on the ceiling tent, SDE Lighting hung spotlights all around the tent frame.  It really brought new life to our decor. As a special request from Stacy and Avo, exquisite ice sculptures lined the tent which Jimmy at Artistic Creations in Lyndhurst happily provided.

The guests raved about the food and we weren’t surprised. Anthony for Bin 41 provided some delicious dishes that worked very well with the tastes of Pasitano’s, the couple’s favorite restaurant.

The cake was the perfect touch to culminate the very special “pink wedding” that captured Stacy and Avo’s style. Pink Cake Box created the elegant, edible centerpiece that tasted just as decadent as it looked.

Shushi Armenian Dance Ensemble topped the magical evening off with two traditional wedding dances that brought an overwhelming amount of joy to not only the bride and groom, but to their parents and guests. The ensemble moved effortlessly around the dance floor capturing their audience and the spirit of the night.


Make Your Next Event a Designer Affair http://www.designeraffair.com/blog-posts/make-your-next-event-a-designer-affair/ Mon, 21 May 2012 19:20:18 +0000 http://www.designeraffair.com/?p=603 Read More »]]> The sweet sound of wedding bells is filling the spring air and Designer Affair wants to help you complete your Big Day with some decadent services that you might not have thought of just yet.  With everything from Sweetheart Tables to a simple invitation design to helping you through the entire process of planning your Wedding Day, we are here to make your affair a Designer Affair.

  • Sweetheart Table Design – With as much that is going on the day of your wedding, wouldn’t a few stolen, private moments be great for the newlyweds?  Designer Affair offers an exclusive service to design your Sweetheart Table for you reception.  After meeting the couple, we can design a custom tablescape that will coordinate with the décor of your space, plus add those personal touches that really make it YOU!  If you two had a great date at a Yankee game, or love to go skiing, those are amazing little details to add to your unique table.
  • Place Card/Favor Table Design – Having an extraordinary place card and favor table set up at your reception space, just sets the tone for the rest that is to come for guests throughout the evening.  A beautiful place card can be as imaginative as you are willing to be.  A single flower placed in a personal-sized laser-etched vase could be an option for your event, or maybe something a little more edgy, like a custom designed wire name card.
  • Cake Jewelry and Trimmings – Making your event a Designer Affair means thinking of everything down to the very last detail.  Finishing off your cake with some bling is always in style.  We have access to an abundance of custom cake jewelry that can be created to match your wedding dress or jewelry that you’ll be wearing on your Big Day.  Some fanciful lace trimmings and some sparkling stones are the best way to complete your cake design.
  • Invitations, Save-the-Dates, and Menu Card Designs – Designer Affair works with a team of graphic designers that are excited to create a collection of custom stationary with everything starting with your Save-the-Date announcements to the Menu Cards that will be a part of your place settings at the reception.
  • Day-of-Event Coordination – Have all of your final plans made, but don’t want to be bothered with a million phone calls from your florist, DJ, and caterer on your Big Day?  Leave it to a Designer Affair team member to worry about and take care of.  Let us help your bridesmaids make it down the aisle on time and make sure that that guest who had a little too much fun celebrating your matrimony makes it home okay.  With Day-of Coordination, we’ll be  able to ensure that every last candle is lit before you walk down the aisle.
  • Month-of-Event Planning – If you need a little more help with the final details, let Designer Affair offer our expertise to make your Day go off without a hitch!  We’ll be able to confirm all of your vendors and direct them in the right direction in the weeks leading up to the moment you say “I Do.”  And we’re also here to calm to wedding jitters to help through the entire day.
  • Complete Event Coordination – So you don’t know where to start, or maybe you just want a partner to assist in the complete planning of making your wedding day everything you have ever dreamed of.  Having a Designer Affair Event Coordinator to help you along the way to make all of the tough decisions of will take all the stress of planning your Big Day away.

Designer Affair is here to make the event of your dreams come true!  To set up a complimentary consultation with one of our Event Coordinators please email Danielle at Danielle@designeaffair.com or Nikki at Nikki@designeraffair.com.  Happy Planning!

Fresh Produce In Your Next Tablescapes http://www.designeraffair.com/blog-posts/fresh-produce-in-your-next-tablescapes/ Fri, 18 May 2012 01:31:35 +0000 http://www.designeraffair.com/?p=602 Read More »]]> Looking for a bright and fresh way to display the produce you find at your local farmer’s market, what better way than to add fruits and veggies to your floral arrangements.  Fresh produce adds an earthy yet elegant look to any tablescape or floral arrange, but there are some tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

You’ll want to use fruits and veggies that you can purchase in bulk and will be able to withstand their shape for a long period of time, think apples, citrus fruits, and cranberries.  Arrange the produce in large, clear vases to really show off the look and top it off with a floral arrangement in the same color scheme.  By filling a tall, slender vase with green apples and then topping it off with an arrangement of green, white, and ivory meadow flowers, you’re table will be complete with a look worthy of winning at the state fair.  And don’t forget to not only use whole fruits, but by cutting some of the fruit in halves or slices, you add a whole other dimension to your display.  It’s also a good idea to add some greenery to these farmer-stand arrangements, using the actual fruit leaves or purchasing fresh bay leaves, to fill in the gaps or empty spots.

Even filling an oversized, shallow bowl with things like artichoke, pears, and green grapes will make a statement for your tablescape, while providing a rustic, Tuscan feel.  These fruits and veggies are all green, creating a monotone effect, but the different shapes and sizes, create visual interest through he varying textures of each item.

With all of the fresh produce that is available in the spring and the approaching summer, this is a great and easy way to use the things that are available at your local farmers’ stand or grocery store.  And now that you’ve gone through these easy how-to tips, you’ll be a pro at creating your own fresh produce arrangements for your next party!

Host Your Own Fashion Swap Soiree http://www.designeraffair.com/blog-posts/host-your-own-fashion-swap-soiree/ Mon, 23 Apr 2012 18:33:13 +0000 http://www.designeraffair.com/?p=600 Read More »]]> Spring is in the air, which means vibrant colors, a feel-good energy boost, and of course, a new wardbrobe! And although we all love to go shopping- a new spring collection doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money, it can be as easy as having a few girlfriends over for a fun night.

A Fashion-Swap party is a great way to remix your wardrobe and save some money (so you can save up for that new Celine Tote, of course) Just gather your girls, grab your garb, serve some fun cocktails and you are ready to throw one fabulous fashionista event.  Here are some tips on how to get your friends gushing over your party planning skills:

First: gather up a group of your style-savvy friends and set a date and place to host your first fashion soiree. You can create your own invites by purchasing printable stationary from any office, craft, or paper store.

Next: raid your closet!  Reserve a good hour to go through your shelves and boxes in your closet and pull out all of those stylish pieces you haven’t worn in forever. Throw them in a box marked SWAPED. You’ll want to wash and clean the items before putting them out for trade.

Then: set up a room in your home that mirrors your favorite boutique by using some really fun techniques and props to merchandise the items. Create fitting rooms with free standing floor screens, a clothes bar with some pop up coat racks and grab a couple full-length mirrors so all your guests can check themselves out while their trying on all of their new finds.

Lastly: to keep track of the trading, count the number of items that each guest brings and give them corresponding tokens.  Get the crowd started by reminding your friends that they will be leaving with a whole new wardrobe filled with trendy, fun pieces to bring new life to their existing styles.

Serving some fun, delicious cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres will keep all your guests excited for new outfits and new tips for creating their own fashionista style.

Designer Affair’s Inaugural Wedding, Event and Design Showcase http://www.designeraffair.com/blog-posts/designer-affairs-inaugural-wedding-event-and-design-showcase/ Thu, 22 Mar 2012 17:50:35 +0000 http://www.designeraffair.com/?p=597 Read More »]]>

Designer Affair hosted our first ever Wedding, Event, and Design Showcase on March 13th, at The Brownstone to exhibit premiere, local vendors.  With over 40 vendors ranging in every event category from invitations and custom favors to belly dancers and photo booths, the event drew in a great crowd of brides, sweet sixteeners, and future event planners.

NJ Bride Magazine teamed up with I Do, I Do Bridal Fashions to display dozens of bridal gowns throughout the night with their roaming models and Amira Mor dazzled showcase guests with a live performance that even included a sword dance!  Attendees were also able to pose for the camera with a photo booth provided by SCE Event Group.

Bryan Madrid Photography came in to capture moments throughout the night that can be viewed on his website, listed below.  Check out the other links for more photos and a video interview with Social Jersey.

The evening was a huge success and we thank both our exhibitors and attendees for their support!!!See below for some great coverage of the event and a list of our trusted vendors.






Designer Affair would like extend a very special thank you to all of our vendors that participated and made this event such a success!

A.D. Designs www.adstonedesigns.com

About Designs http://about-designs.com/#/3579_Home

Annette Laurita

Amira Mor International Entertainment http://amiramor.com/

Batter Up Boutiquehttp://www.batterupboutique.com/www.batterupboutique.com/Welcome.html

Bazaar Star Beadery http://bazaarstarbeadery.com/

Bridal by Michele http://www.bridalbymichele.com/

Brownstone Baker Katie http://thebrownstone.com/

Candela Lumen https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oak-Ridge-Candle-Company/159197218145

Cayman Islands Dept. of Tourismhttp://www.caymanislands.ky/

Creatively Engaged http://www.creativelyengaged.com/

Cloth Connection  http://www.clothconnection.com/

Cocobella www.cocobellajewelry.com

Contemporary Bride http://www.contemporarybride.com/

Dazian http://www.dazian.com/

Design Spree http://www.designspree.com/

Darlings N Divas http://www.theknot.com/Vendors/Darlings-N-Divas-Makeup-For-All-Occasions/Profile/HBF/073/257291/profile

Eggostic Events www.eggsoticevents.com

Gardenias Florals www.gardeniasfloral.com

I Do, I Do Bridal Fashions http://idoidonj.blogspot.com/

Ice Sculpture Designshttp://www.icesculpturedesigns.com/index.asp

Heatherwood Studios www.heatherwoodstudios.com

Laura Clarehttp://www.lauraclaredesign.com/

Lia Sophia www.liasophia.com/geriigler


Majestic Entertainment and Photographyhttp://www.majesticpe.com/

Marie Papp Photography http://www.mariepapp.com/

Morris Photographers http://www.morrisphotographers.com/

MTC Photography http://mtcphotography.zenfolio.com/

NJ Bride Magazine www.newjerseybride.com

NJ Weddings www.njwedding.com

RSVP To Me http://mtcphotography.zenfolio.com/

Save The Date Now http://savethedatenow.net/

SCE Event Group http://sceeventgroup.com/

Skin Bar and Paint www.jillyanscarpa.com

Stephanie Somodi – Designing the Most Inviting Daywww.stephaniesomodi.com

Strawberry Blossom http://www.strawberryblossom.com/

Stuffed Cupcake http://www.stuffedcupcakes.com/

Taylor Rental http://www.taylorrent.com/

Ten 31 Productions http://www.ten31productions.com/

The Busy Bride’s Helper http://www.busybrideshelper.com/

Tina Tae Body Accents www.tinatae.com

Touchstone Crystal www.mytouchstonecrystal.com

Town and Countryhttp://www.townandcountryridgewood.com

Unique Video Productionshttp://www.uniquevideoproductions.com/

Weddings for Heros http://www.weddingsforheroes.org/

A personal invitation from me to you… http://www.designeraffair.com/blog-posts/a-personal-invitation-from-me-to-you/ Thu, 09 Feb 2012 19:34:30 +0000 http://www.designeraffair.com/?p=578 Read More »]]> I am so excited about our first ever Wedding ,Event & design  Showcase! Our entire Designer Affair team has been working hard bring you New York and New Jersey’s premier Event Specialists.

Join me on Tuesday, March 13th from 6 – 10pm at (you guessed it) The Brownstone in Patterson, New Jersey.

Looking forward to meeting and inspiring you.


View our special events page to purchase your ticket.~ Dina Manzo

A Personal Invitation… http://www.designeraffair.com/blog-posts/a-personal-invitation/ Wed, 08 Feb 2012 16:42:07 +0000 http://www.designeraffair.com/?p=584 Read More »]]> I am so excited to let you know that Designer Affair is hosting it’s first ever Wedding and Event Showcase. My team and I have been working hard to bring you New York and New Jersey’s premier Event Specialists.  You will have the opportunity to meet and speak with the ‘Dina’s Party’ (on HGTV) Team and a few of my favorite and well respected colleagues from Stuffed Cupcakes of Nutley, Creatively Engaged and Dazian Fabrics.  Our collective goal is to share our talents and creativity to leave you truly inspired for your next big affair!

Join me on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 – 6:00 to 10:00 pm at (…you guessed it) The Brownstone 351 W. Broadway, Paterson, NJ. Admission for Guests is only $25.00 for On-line Purchases and $30.00 at the Door.

Bring your friends and join us for an fun-filled memorable evening.

Dina Manzo

Click here for more information and on-line ticket purchase.


Winter Wonderland http://www.designeraffair.com/blog-posts/winter-wonderland/ Thu, 05 Jan 2012 21:11:54 +0000 http://www.designeraffair.com/?p=549 Read More »]]> There’s no party like a Dina Party, which means there is no Holiday party quite as fabulous as Dina’s Winter Wonderland!! With Luke’s elf hat and Danielle’s sequin sweater, my team and I really got into the holiday spirit when creating the perfect Christmas spectacular for the Falcone Family.

The Falcone home was so beautiful with a great open layout and very high ceilings, so it was important to tie together each room and create an intimate party space for their close friends and family.

In the main dining room we stacked a 17ft high Christmas tree, decorated with all oversized ornaments and trimmings. To make the tree the focal point, we set up 5 60″ round tables that we rented from Party Rentals, ltd (www.partyrentalltd.com) along silver chivary chairs. We covered the tables with the specialty linens we customized with Cloth Connection,www.clothconnection.com. Everyone was so great on helping us find the right colors to create our “opposite” Santa linens.

We dressed up our silver chivalry chairs with faux fur chair covers we rented from Wildflower Linens,www.wildflowerlinens.com. They absorbed all the color in the room, illuminating our beautiful tablescapes. Each table hosted a silver iron centerpiece that was designed to emulate a birch tree. A few girls from our team took some time out of the day to glue the crystal string beads to each flower platform. The crystal beads were originally strips of door decorations we cut to different lengths to create interest. Atop the centerpiece sat a bouquet of fresh, rich red roses that were arranged by the talented team at Morningside Florist in Haledon, NJ, www.morningsidegreenhouse.com.

Following along the grand staircase railing was hand-made garland, produced by the masterminds at 28th Street Wholesale in NYC.  Benny was so sweet with helping us pick the right leaves and greenery to create the perfect holiday landscape. Find them on Google.

In the Falcone’s formal living room we brought to life a walk through a winter white forest. We covered their couches with white slip covers and dressed the room with fake snow and ornaments we found at G & G Distributors,wwwgandgwebstore.com. By incorporating 3 high top bistro tables, dressed in the finest linens by Nuage Designs,www.nuagedesigns.com, we created the perfect nook for guests to commiserate.

The crowd was very lively so it was exciting to see them all react together to the LIVE nutcracker statue that brought new life to each room. The nutcracker statue was courtesy of the one-and-only Ten31 Productions, www.ten31productions.com. He really tied together all the areas we dressed in the winter wonderland decor!

To illuminate each room, we called on our trusty friend, Brian at Lounge It Up, www.loungeitup.com to brighten up each room, adding depth to each space, bringing guests to the depths of the forest to admire the gleaming Christmas tree and winter wonderland escape! By lighting the room in blue, we brought the chill of the snow inside!!

To end the night, we treated our guests to the sweet and comforting taste of holidays with cupcakes by the dessert master, Stuffed Cupcakes, www.stuffedcupcakes.com! They always create such original, delectable masterpieces that are sure to send the guests home with all the wonders of te holiday season.


HGTV Holiday Party http://www.designeraffair.com/blog-posts/hgtv-holiday-party/ Thu, 05 Jan 2012 20:57:03 +0000 http://www.designeraffair.com/?p=550 Read More »]]> Tis the season for over-the-top Christmas trees, flashing lights and Sparkle!! And I don’t just mean our very own Kenny Sparkle, but Designer Affair’s favorite decor accessory, Glitter!!  My team and I had the pleasure of outfitting NYC hotspot Lounge 48 in Winter Wonderland decor for HGTV’s Holiday soiree.  It was such a magical evening, illuminated by the breathtaking decor and talents of our vendors and my team

Upon guests entry into theparty, they were initially struck by our style with an actual Living Birch Tree Statue, courtesy of Ten31 Productions, of course. The birch stood over 6ft tall and greeting guests with her silver and white leafed-branches.  This piece was a conversation piece amongst guests and once again, became an instant hit at the party!! Ten31 always impresses and they have so many wonderful options for your holiday party, visit them at www.ten31productions.com.

Lounge48, www.48nyc.com, has separated lounge areas all along their wall of over-sized windows.  In each nook, we created a story of candles in glass cylinders and silver and sparkle ornaments on the tables.  Having soft lighting in these spaces, creates an intimate landscape for conversation and cocktails. On the two round lounge tables toward the back of the room, we took white branch wreaths and placed them flat in the middle of the glass table top. We added a few high cylinders with candles as well as scattered silver and green ornaments along the wreaths branches.  This created original centerpiece that was effortless. 

In three of the windows that overlooked 48th street, we placed winter branch trees adorned with an assortment of silver and snowflake ornaments. We illuminated these trees with a blue LED light that gleamed all the way through to 49th street!!! These beautiful creations caught the attention of passersby on the streets of NY and created a new element of interest to guest already inside!

Brian and his crew at Lounge It Up Productions, www.loungeitup.com, provided the LED lighting that highlighted our decor as well as brought the magic of falling snow inside the space with his moving snow gobo.  This element create a beautiful backdrop to the party as well as movement amongst our decor. 

Near the bar, we had a candy and sweets table. We used a variety of different silver elements including candelabras and candle holders to create interest.  To display the candy, we used over-sized bowls, decanters, wide-mouth cylinders and high glass cylinders, which added dimension and a variety of heights on the table.  Our showpiece for this element was the cupcake tower and two-tiered cake topper by Stuffed Cupcakes of Nutley, www.stuffedcupcakes.com.  The tower drew the eye from across the room and welcomed guests to get a taste from our candy bar.  

The Winter Wonderland my team and I created for HGTV will surely be an event to remember and cherish!!  I’m so lucky to be a part of the HGTV family!  Season’s greetings!!
50ish Birthday Bash http://www.designeraffair.com/blog-posts/50ish/ Mon, 05 Dec 2011 18:32:05 +0000 http://www.designeraffair.com/?p=536 Read More »]]> Diana’s 50ish Birthday Bash was hot, hot, hot, reaching a Saturday Night Fever pitch. Diana Ross is a very close friend of mine and not only shares the same name with one of music’s biggest stars, but also the singer’s love for the fabulous life in New York City. From inside the doors of the exclusive Studio 54, to the streets of America’s most luxurious shopping spot, 5th Avenue, we bring you inside Diana’s head to let loose and enjoy the party!

Diana loves to get down on the dance floor and actually used to win competitions with her husband, so we thought it only appropriate to invite guests to boogy woogy inside NYC’s most famous nightclub, Studio 54, aka, Studio 50ish. To create the celebrity crawling club we first laid down an LED dance floor, courtesy of Base Entertainment Group, www.basedjs.com. This dance floor was programmable to recreate the quintessential disco feel with blinking lights-think John Travolta in his white suit.

To accent the dance floor and create an all around disco haven, we added a variety of illuminating features, including illuminated high top tables, a two-piece bar, and two projected silhouette dancers hanging on the back wall. We rented these elements from PBG Events, www.pbgevents.com. The silhouette screens hung in front of an LED blinking backdrop from Dazian Fabrics,www.dazian.com. To brand the room, we added two final touches, a BoGo light that projected Studio 50ish on the wall and, the real party starter, the music, both of which were provided by DJ Paul Knox and his team at www.soundconnectdj.com. The disco ball chandelier was created by Kenny with a hoola hoop and some fishing wire suspended from the their existing ceiling fan.

Diana adores Audrey Hepburn and the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s so we had so much fun conceptualizing the movie into party decor. The obvious color choice for this room was tiffany blue. To drape out the room, we bought a bunch of fabric from the fabric district, for about $8-$10 a yard, in all different hues of blue. We dressed each cocktail table we different linens and chair covers from Wildflower Linens (www.wildflowerlinens.com) and Cloth Connection (www.clothconnection.com) to give each setting a different personality, bringing variety to the rooms decor.

I designed beautiful floral centerpieces, which broke up the blue in the room with fresh white flowers that traveled down the glass like a waterfall. Jamie from Anna Rose Floral Design, www.annarosefloral.com, in North Haledon NJ arranged the exquisite, eye-catching flowers. I then added pearls, tiaras and diamond sprays to add that touch of Tiffany.

The black and white silhouette that hung on the back wall, was to emulate people looking through the Tiffany window. Henry at Unique Designz, www.uniquedesignz.net, really pulled through in a pinch to help get us these posters on time and they were a great contrast to the room.

Across the street from Tiffany and Co. was another 5th Avenue window with the famous looks of all of Diana’s favorite Icons including, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and the disco queen, Diana Ross. We wanted to bring in authentic pieces from the decades these women were at their celebrity peak, so we went to South Paw Vintage, www.southpawvintage.com, right off 7th Avenue in NYC. They have so many beautiful pieces from every decade! This was a popular feature of the party, having a piece of history in the room. I created the look of beautiful fashion inspired table linens by using a simple satin clothes with various tweed and houndstooth fabrics on top finished with leather and sequin belts adorned with vintage broaches as buckles. All the fabric and trimmings were purchased at Joanne fabrics.

While the party was underway, we had two very special surprises for Diana…Audrey Hepburn and Liza Minelli, of course. Gigi Monroe, played the Studio 54 regular to a T! He looked just like Liza, Halston jumpsuit and all. It was so wonderful to watch the look on Diana’s face when we introduced her to these legendary women. Impersonators are an interactive way to engage guests and make them feel like there in the company of the actual star. Find Gigi Monroe on Facebook, www.facebook.com/GigiMonroe.

The Brownstone, www.thebrownstone.com, provided a huge spread for the party. From pasta to chicken to salad, it was important to keep the guests energized so they could dance all night long with the birthday girl. We also had some of Diana’s Brooklyn favorites delivered especially for her!

Before last call we sang Happy Birthday to Diana with a specialty cake donned with the famous images of Diana’s favorite ladies. Christine at Design Cakes, www.designcakes.com, decorated this “iconic” cake that created a huge buzz amongst guests.

Last but not least it took only one trip to Homegoods to get all of the new furniture and accessories I needed to give Diana her dream Ladycave and bathroom oasis. I started with that beautiful Ralph Lauren bedding and went from there. I was so happy to give her a new vanity area and a place for her to sit and write in peace away from the day to day chaos of everyday life. She is a great woman who does so much for others so it felt really good to do this for her…to me, she is THE Diana Ross!!